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Michigan State Prone Champion May 15-16 2021 Capital City Rifle Club

  • 22 May 2021 4:33 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    Twenty sling and f class shooters  attended the conventional prone match at Capital City Rifle club. The weather conditions for both days were good with over cast skies and lite winds.

    First day results Irons

    1st ma Richard Clark   1592-111x

    2nd ma Mike O'Connor    1591-99x

    3rd ma Pete Church     1591-96x

    4th ma Ken Potter    1588-102x

    1st ex Whitney Everest    1580-79x

    2nd ex Cameron Zwart    1574-75x

    1st ss Nathen Funk    1572-93x

    2nd ss Norbert Norden    1542-50x

    1st mk Sydney Smith    1563-60x

    2nd mk Mansel Reed    1544-82x

    f Class

    1st Kelley Neeley    1600 124x

    2nd James Weinrich    1598 120x

    3rd Steve Goyette    1598 118x

    Any Sight

    1st ma Mike O'Connor   1596-114x

    2nd ma Ken Potter    1595-115x

    3rd ma Richard Clark    1594-118x

    4th ma Pete Church    1592-104x

    1st ex Cameron Zwart    1592-106x

    2nd ex Gary Duda    1588-99x

    3rd ex Whitney Everest    1574-87x

    1ss Nathen Funk    1575-94x

    2nd ss Matt Iamarino    1564-79x

    3rd ss Norbert Norden    1556-56x

    1mk Mansel Reed    1573-71x

    2mk Sydney Smith    1567-62

    f class

    1st Steve Goyette    1579-80x

    2nd Ed Gostomski    1573-85x

    3rd Dave Strycharz    1569-85x

    Final Results

    1st Mike O'Conner    3187-213x  Gold

    2nd Richard Clark     3186-229x  Silver

    3rd Ken Potter    3183-217x    Bronze 

    1st ma Pete Church    3183-200x

    1ex Cameron Zwart    3166-181x

    2nd ex Whitney Everest    3154-166x

    1ss Nathan Funk    3147-187x

    2nd ss Norbert Norden    3098-106

    1st mk Sydney Smith    3130-122x

    2nd mk Mansel Reed    3117-153x

    ex Gary Duda    1588-99x

    ss Matt Iamarino    1564-79x

    F class

    1st Steve Goyette    3177-198x    Gold

    2nd Ed Gostomski    3170-217x    Silver

    3rd Dave Strycharz    3166-215x    Bronze

    I wish to thank Mike O'Connor for running and scoring the Match

    Clif Miller smallbore director      

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