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2017 MRPA Mid-Range State Championship May 27-28

  • 24 Nov 2017 11:25 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)
     Class/Name  Match 1
    200 Yd
    10 SHOT
     Match 2
    300 Yd
    10 SHOT
     Match 3
    600 Yd
    10 SHOT
     Match 4
    600 YD
    10 SHOT
    Match 5
    300 Yd
    10 SHOT 
     Match 6
    200 Yd
    10 SHOT
    Match 7
    Match 8
     Bob Elka  99-6X  98-1X  86-1X  93-3X  98-3X    283-8X  474-14X  3rd ST-CH
     EXPERT            R      
     Paul Behe  99-7X  98-1X  97-3X  89-3X  98-3X  A  294-11x  481-17X  State
     HS  HG
     Bill Bruske  96-1X  94-2X  77  80  93-1X  I  267-3X  440-4X  4th EX
     Tina Bruske  88-2X  91-2X  82-1X  86  92-1X  N  261-5X  439-6X  5th EX  HW
     Tom Dean  98-3X  93  83  81-1X  96    274-3X  451-4X  3rd EX
     Charlie Dodson  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A  98-3X    N/A  98-3X  8th EX
     Brad Ryan  100-7X  95-1X  97-4X  90-1X  96-3X    292-12X  478-16X  2nd ST-CH
     Ray Saltzman  94-2X  96-1X  87-1X  7  94-1X  O  277-4X  378-5X  7th EX
     Greg Vest  100-2X  99-4X  91-2X  74  97-4X  U  290-8X  461-12X  2nd EX
     Ron Walters  92-1X  82  75  86-1X  85  T  249-1X  420-2X  6th EX
     John Wier  99-7X  97-1X  88-1X  81  97-2X    284-9X  462-11x  1st EX
     Steve Batzer  91-1X  92-1X  85-2X  74-1X  DNF    268-4X  342-5X  1st MK
     Rod Exo  98-4X  81  69  78  DNF    248-4X  326-4X  2nd MK
     Wyatt Bruske  83-3X  67-1x  45  DNF  59    195-4X  254-4X  3rd ST-CH
     Charlie Dodson  99-4X  97-2X  75-1X  49  Broke    271-7X  320-7X  2nd ST-CH
     Greg Galla  73-1X  78  67-1X  74-1X  61    218-2X  353-3X  State
     Champion Scope

    M=Master  EX=Expert  SS-Sharpshooter  MK=Marksman  HS=High Senior

    HW=High Woman  ST-CH=State Champion  HG=High Aggregate

    NRA National Record

    This was the nicest weather/shooting conditions I personally have ever seen here at the Cadillac Sportsman's Club. We had some good scores to go with it. Congratulations to Paul Behe and Brad Ryan on getting NRA National Records at this match, great shooting!! Congratulations to our Michigan Mid-Range State Champions: Paul Behe in "IRONS" and Greg Galla in "SCOPE". Another great feat worth mentioning is Bob Elka is currently the one and only State of Michigan Mid-Range BPTR "MASTER". Not an easy task by any means. Thanks to all that come out to shoot.

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