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2017 Long-Range State Championship July 22-23

  • 25 Nov 2017 8:39 PM
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    Bill Bruske (Administrator)
     CLASS  Match 1
    800 Yds
     Match 2
    900 Yds
     Match 3
    1000 Yds
    Match 4
    1000 Yds
     Match 5
    1000 Yds
    Match 6
     Brad Ryan  133-2X  128  116  81  71-1X  377-2X  529-3X  1st M "X"
     Ron Walters  122  119-1X  104-2X  53-3X  65  345-3X  463-6X  2nd M "X"
     Bill Bruske  128 *  113  52  67  72-1X  293  432-1X  4th EX "X" 2nd Toll.
     Jim Dietlein  129-2X  129-1X  126-4X  87-1X  69  384-7X  540-8X  State Champion
     HS "X"
     Lloyd Gower  111  118  88  65  61  317  443  3rd EX
     Ray Hopkins  130  122-1X  109  52  68-1X  361-1X  481-2X  2nd EX "X" 1st ML
     Barbara Walters  131-2X  141-2X *
     123-1X  61  51  395-5X  507-5X  1st EX "X" HW Agg.
     Tina Bruske  127-2X  121*  94  72  53  342-2X *  467-2X  1st SS 1st Toll.
     Richard Scott  77-1X  90  51  53  66  218-1X  337-1X  2nd  SS 2nd ML
     Bruce Obrentz  106-1X  51  92  67  57-1X  249-1X  373-2X  1st MK "X"
     Wyatt Bruske  87-1X  69  63-1X  27  DNF  219-2X  246-2X  State Champion
     "X" HJr.

    * = NRA National Record

    We had an interesting weekend for this match. We had storms pushing up from Hurricane Harvey that hit Texas. It was warm and some of the nicest shooting conditions most of us have seen at Camp Grayling on Saturday. Most of us shot some of our highest ever scores Saturday. Collectively we set (5) NRA National Records! Sunday things changed and the scores were a bit lower than normal. It poured down rain just after we finished each day, and we had to wait for it to quit raining to start on Saturday. All in all though great shooting weather. When we showed up Friday night to setup Grayling had just gotten 3" of rain and there was flooding in Midland and Mt. Pleasant. It looked dismal at best going into it but turned out great. Congratulations to Barbara Walters on shooting 141-2X at 900 yds! She beat both the Women's and Seniors score at 900 yds, giving her (2) NRA National Records. Congratulations also to Tina Bruske for setting (2) NRA National Records also. Her first NRA National Record ever at 900 yds in Tollofson with a 121 and then her 2nd NRA National Record for the 45 shot creedmoor aggregate in Tollofson of 342-2X. The Women really cleaned up shooting this match. Congratulations also to Bill Bruske for setting a new NRA National Record in Tollofson at 800 yds with a 128. Congratulations to Jim Dietlein who is our Michigan Long-Range State Champion in "Irons". Jim is a shooting machine this year. Congratulations to 12 year old Wyatt Bruske who is our Michigan Long-Range State Champion in "Scope Class". We grilled up some food, handed out Door Prizes and had a generally good time. Thanks to all that came out to compete. 

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