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Michigan 1000yd Championship Results

  • 17 May 2013 2:00 PM
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    MAY 2013



    The MRPA 1000 yd Michigan State Championship was held on Saturday, May 11th .  

    Sunday, the second scheduled shooting day, was cancelled due to weather.

    Saturday were cold. Wind, on the other hand, was fairly benign.  Infiltration shooting was the order of the day as we attempted to beat a threatening weather front.  Luckily, we were able to use a three-relay system.  Still, we didn’t quite make it.  The shooters of the day were blasted with rain and obscured targets.  Several DNFs were entered on score cards of the last relay, especially among the sling shooters using iron sights.

    Still, there were several outstanding results.

    • Bryan Litz carried all before him in sling rifle.
    • Vicki Gaddie, one of our former Juniors, is now shooting High Master.
    • Neil Moomey did extremely well as a new long range shooter.
    • Jed Gaddie and Mitchell Fitzpatrick proved to be two good looking Juniors
    • Bret Solomon was the tournament winner in F(o) class.
    • Bob Lorenz was the outstanding winner of F(tr).

    As the end of the match approached, a look at the weather “apps” on our i-phones convinced us that Sunday would be cold, snowy, obscured, and a general bummer.  Sunday was cancelled.  The prediction, as it happened, proved correct.  

    But never fear the weather.  After the Saturday match, Bryan Litz, head coach of the Michigan F-class team, carried on with his previously scheduled team practice.  As the weather worsened, and Brian spotted the wind, ten or so team members, in turn, threw themselves down in the water, shot well, and arose shivering – but, undoubtedly, better men!  

    Perserverance will be a winner for the Michigan F-class team!!  We wish them luck and good shooting!!

    We must thank many folks.  Brian Gedion, our own good doc, shot well and stood in as EMT.  In the flash of an eye, Bret Solomon built us a new medic’s litter.  Pete Church, along with Bob Lorenz and the entire crew from Cadillac, did an outstanding job at setting up the range.  Finally, Denise DeMara came through with two good pullers.

    Hope to see everybody at the end of June.   


    Dick Pardini, Match Director

    Michigan Rifle & Pistol Association, Long Range Division

    4965 Stanwood Street

    Muskegon, Michigan 49441

    (h) (231) 798-3372

    (c) (231) 206-0935


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