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Michigan Prone Championship August 21-22 2021

  • 04 Sep 2021 2:42 PM
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    Clifford Miller (Administrator)

    Fourteen  sling and f class shooters attended the march in very good weather conditions.

    Results iron sights


    1st Emme Walrath      1591 96x

    2nd Mike O'Connor     1591 95x

    1st ma Michelle Bohren   1587 104x

    1st ex Cameron Zwart    1579 80x

    2nd ex Whitney Everest    1568 84x

    1ss Eathan Thompson    1543 50x

    f class

    1st ma Dave Strycharz    1570 85x

    2nd ma Kelley Neeley    1567 78x

    3rd ma Ed Gostomski    1563 81x

    4th ma Steve Goyette    1561 75x

    1st ex Mark Javit    1548 70x

    2nd ex Larry Remsynder    1538 58x

    any sight

    1st Cameron Zwart    1599 126x

    1st ma Michelle Bohren    1597 142x

    2nd ma Mike O'Connor    1595 121x

    1st ex Gary Duda   1597 113x

    2nd ex Emme Walrath    1594 99x 

    3rd ex Whitney Everest    1591 106x

    1st ss Ethan Thompson    1553 53x

    f class

    1st ma Dave Styrcharz    1587 107x

    2nd ma Kelley Neeley    1585 113x

    3rd ma Steve Kern    1585 100x

    4th ma Ed Gostomski    1585 92x

    1st ex Mark Javit    1567 90x

    2nd ex Larry Remsynder    1559 63x

    Match totals


    1st Mike O'connor   3186 216x state champion

    2nd Emme Walrath   3185 195x

    3rd Michelle Bohren   3184 246x

    1st ex Cameron Zwart   3178 206x

    2nd ex Whitney Everest   3159 190x

    3rd ex Gary Duda   1597 113x

    1st ss Ethan Thompson   3096 103x

    f class

    1st Dave Strycharz   3157 192x  state champion

    2nd Kelly Neeley    3152 191x

    3rd Ed Gostomski    3148 173x

    1st ma Steve Kern   1585 100x

    2nd ma Steve Goyette   1561 75x

    1st ex Mark Javit    3115 160x

    2nd Larry Remsnyder    3097 121x

    I wish to thank Gary Dennis for filling in Saturday and Mike O'Connor for helping to run the match.

    Clif Miller smallbore director

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