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2013 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship

  • 01 Sep 2013 10:11 PM
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    Lusty Cebula (Administrator)
    2013 Michigan Mid-Range Prone Competitors

    The Michigan Mid-Range Prone Championship Match was held at the Midland County Sportsman's Club on August 31, 2013, the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. With the F-Class World Championship finishing on the previous Tuesday in Raton, NM, we estimated that we would have a small turn-out. We apparently were about as accurate as the Weatherman.

    When we finished squadding at about 8:30 AM, we had about three and a half relays. At that point we planned to have the three extras infiltrate. At about 8:55 AM, three more competitors arrived. This pushed us to four relays, and a llllllooooonnnnnggggg day. Only once before have we seen that many competitors (a BSA Charity match several years ago, that ended after one 15 shot string for all competitors due to rain). All in all, we were very pleased with the turn-out, and hope that it encourages MCSC to complete the two new firing points.

    The weather was overcast all day. Dark to the point where shooters were consulting their phones for weather radar. However, we had no rain, just a building heat that in the end wasn't that bad. The winds were very gentle. In fact, it was much like shooting a 600 yard match indoors.

    Of the twenty-four competitors, twelve were Any Rifle shooters (including one, sole service rifle shooter), ten were F-TR, and two were F-Open. The Any Rifle match was a horse race between three shooters, Peter Church, John Luitink, and Leo Cebula. All finished with a 647 (three shots per shooter were outside of the 2MOA Ten ring), with Cebula, using his Palma rifle, finishing first with 36X, besting the other two.

    The F-TR was won by Jim Dietlein with a 632-32X. I'm sure that Jim had given up hope after the mysterious miss at 300 yards, but prevailed to win the category none-the-less.

    In all, it was a long, but good day.

    Results are here:  2013 Mid-Range Prone Results
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